Thanks for your feedback!

The maximum number of readers connecting with the site is 55. To date I received 18 responses. Maybe some people aren’t far enough along in the story to comment – or maybe they haven’t liked the story and they’ve moved on.

Here’s what people said:

  • About 2/3 of you work in healthcare.
  • The character most people connect with is Hattie. Two folks named Jack (I think maybe these are readers who recognized him).
  • Reactions to the storyline include: identification with the horror and sadness of Bridie’s situation; interest in day-to-day mental health work (with clients and with the team); familiarity of the setting (I’m guessing this reader is from said small town); and the tension between Hattie and Linda.
  • Other comments (consolidated): team dynamics and tensions are common, relatable and transcend workplaces; blogposts are too short and sometimes it’s hard to find the next chapter on the site; the writing is a little too ‘clinical’; the stories sound real; I am enjoying it.


Thanks again! This feedback is helpful to shaping the story.



My writing experience comprises, almost exclusively, academic papers and technical/ professional reports. However, I have lost faith in these methods as paths to real change. My doctorate is in Education, specifically transformative education and through my research and my work, I have come to the conclusion that people learn more through stories than journal articles. Therefore, instead of investing in the usual strategies for pedagogy, I am leaning toward fiction as a way to change minds about social issues and dilemmas. I believe stories can un-other social interpretations in a way I feel I have failed to in all my academic and professional writing. I hope to convey some alternate ideas about the work I have done for 35 years, as a mental health nurse, psychometrist, educator and administrator.

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