more feedback….

Twelve new readers are just now encountering the survey and I wanted to share their thoughts, with the hope that it may spark comments right to the blog.

3/4 of the readers work in healthcare, which is an increase from last time but it makes sense because that is the group I have been recruiting.

The story-lines that interest folks are Bridie’s experience; a realistic description of mental health work, and Emergency Dept work; and the relationship between Hattie and Jody

The character most identify with remains Hattie and next is Bridie. One person identifies with Jody and one person with Lowell (this person must have read ahead)

Other comments: would writing the story in the third rather than the first person open space for more analysis of the material – this is a good question and I’m mulling it over. Anyone have any option? Some other people must also have ready ahead and there are an equal opinions about the inserts (poetry and author observation). Two like; two don’t like – 8 are silent.



My writing experience comprises, almost exclusively, academic papers and technical/ professional reports. However, I have lost faith in these methods as paths to real change. My doctorate is in Education, specifically transformative education and through my research and my work, I have come to the conclusion that people learn more through stories than journal articles. Therefore, instead of investing in the usual strategies for pedagogy, I am leaning toward fiction as a way to change minds about social issues and dilemmas. I believe stories can un-other social interpretations in a way I feel I have failed to in all my academic and professional writing. I hope to convey some alternate ideas about the work I have done for 35 years, as a mental health nurse, psychometrist, educator and administrator.

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