Thanks to everyone for your advice and feedback!

Over the past year many readers say they have enjoyed my story. I appreciate those who took the time to provide feedback and make excellent suggestions. I have re-written the story and incorporated much of the advice and I hope improved the novel. I also undertook a ‘manuscript evaluation’ and learned that the story itself is viable and as I wished, it portrays Hattie’s life and work, and Bridie’s sad but brave struggle, as both compelling and instructive.

If you read the story already, feel free to skim through again and see the changes – including those you may have suggested.

If you haven’t read the story, now its in better shape for you 🙂

Because some of the feedback I received relates to the set up of the blog site, I have published the novel in one full post ( – and I have learned that I did that first so this post is the first one you see when you log in. Because the whole novel is now in one long post, I can’t tell anymore if people read one chapter (or less) and never return or if you read to the last page – it all just shows as one login on my site. Can do me a favour? drop me a quick line once you have read as much as you enjoy or tolerate and let me know (I know that makes your job harder so its just an ask). You can respond on the site itself, through LinkedIn or you can also email me at

Thanks again!